Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On winning the 700M lotto pot:                                                Pepito Manaloto is born!                                   

Bubu’s Sunday nights is never complete without having to watch GMA 7’s reality-sitcom, Pepito Manaloto.  She is such a fan of the comedy genius, Michael V.

Pepito Manaloto is like your underprivileged neighbor, who dreams of becoming rich and famous, and is religiously betting on lotto in the hopes of winning the jackpot someday.  And he did win the 700 million lottery jackpot; and so the sitcom unfolds into his gradual transformation while learning and living “the Life”.

But of course, Filipinos love rag-to-riches stories. And so does Pepito Manaloto and his sudden twist to fortune.  Being an instant millionaire is just something we dreamed of, that’s why we also queued along the betting stations in our desire to hit the jackpot (Me and Badz are starting to get addicted in lotto for weeks that we couldn’t buy our usual Cornetto at Marison’s). The whopping 700 million worth of fortune is such a tease. 

That’s why when I heard that someone from Olongapo finally won the jackpot on the November 29th 6/55 lotto draw, I was both having happy and jealous thoughts. Happy and glad that I won’t be spending for lotto cards anymore and at the same time, am annoyingly and selfishly envious of other people’s fortune.  The new Pepito Manaloto might have enough reasons to heavens for solely winning the 700-million lottery prize.  Maybe it was not meant for me.

So what does an instant millionaire do with his newly-acquired wealth? Is he going to be a Pepito Manaloto-in-flesh? The GMA-sitcom character is not that bad after all, it’s just that our country is not that safe either. Just make sure you do not thyself a sure target of the Philippines’ finest thieves.

Guess I was just obviously turning green-eyed over the 700M lotto winner. But I swear if I have the same fate over the million jackpot, Bubu’s Sunday nights will never be the same again.